How to temporarily disable McAfee Antivirus Program?

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McAfee antivirus is very helpful antivirus software that can be utilized to secure your gadgets. Many security dangers are experienced almost every day by the users out of which quite a few make headlines. It boasts of various features that can be utilized to protect the information and data over the web and on your devices. Its multiplatform feature helps it to be used on different devices. The best portion of this product is that a single membership can protect all of your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS gadgets. Regular upgrades are provided all the time to safeguard your gadgets from the most recent security attacks that may be used to steal your information and identity. To protect your information, it is suggested that you keep the McAfee antivirus enabled at all circumstances.

Steps to temporarily disable McAfee Antivirus Program:

However in some cases because of some individual reasons, you may want to temporarily disable the McAfee antivirus software. Doing this is required when you wish to install software that is not being allowed by McAfee. A majority of the software asks you to disable the antivirus program. But you must keep in mind that this must be done only when you trust the software that is being installed else it may lead to problems. There are certain steps that need to be followed to temporarily disable the McAfee antivirus program. Just go through the steps mentioned above and get the problem fixed instantly:

  • Open McAfee Antivirus software by clicking on the programs and then selecting the McAfee software. Alternatively you can also open it by clicking on the system tray.
  • After the McAfee main window opens, choose the option of real time scanning.
  • Click the button Turn Off.
  • Specify the time duration for which you wish to disable the antivirus.
  • This turns off the real time update for specified time duration.
  • After your task is done enable the option of real time scanning.

If at any moment, you come across a problem with your system where the problem cannot be fixed on your own, give a call on McAfee Customer Support Number and get the problem fixed by the experts. The problem is fixed either via remote login or you may be guided over the phone based upon your problem. 24*7 support is provided round the clock for timely solution of your problem.


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